Our Story

After years of experience as a software developer for various organizations, Huy Ly (pronounced Hwee Lee) realized that small businesses were often left behind when it came to technology and software. He saw an opportunity to help these businesses identify and leverage the available technology to expand their operations and reach their full potential. With this vision in mind, Huy founded Meijun company in 2011.

Since then, the company has transformed into a leading technology solutions provider, partnering with businesses across various industries to deliver innovative and customized solutions. Our team comprises a group of talented analysts, engineers, and creatives, with extensive experience in developing and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions.

At Meijun company, we take pride in building long-lasting partnerships with our clients. We understand that each business has unique needs and challenges, which is why we work closely with our clients to identify their specific requirements and develop tailored solutions that meet their goals. Our partnership approach ensures that we provide ongoing support and guidance to help our clients navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Whether you are looking to develop a new software application, implement a new system, or simply improve your existing technology infrastructure, Meijun company has the expertise and experience to deliver results. We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology trends and innovations, and we leverage the latest tools and techniques to provide our clients with the most efficient and effective solutions.

Partnering with Meijun company means gaining a trusted technology partner who is invested in your success. Our team is passionate about helping businesses grow and thrive, and we are dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions that meet your unique needs. Let us help you take your business to the next level with our innovative and customized technology solutions.

Our Vision is for Long-Term Growth

Our north star? To be known as a technology solutions provider that is:

  • Responsive
  • Reliable
  • Relatable

We recognize that relationships aren’t with companies; they are with individuals. With that in mind, every project and every relationship we make is nurtured for long-term growth.

We believe that in order to connect with individuals, we need to be relatable, reliable, and responsive to your needs. We believe we should provide advice and expertise when asked, with full transparency. If you’d like to know how it’s done, we’ll show you. If you’d prefer to simply know it’s done right, we can help there, too.

Meijun Certifications and Memberships

  • SAM (CAGE)
  • California Public Utilities Commission
  • NMSDC (National Minority Supplier Development Council)
  • City of Long Beach
  • Metropolitan Water Authority
  • ABA (Asian Business Association) - San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Inland Empire
  • Pacific Arts Movement