Breg: Total Solutions Customized for Orthopedic Providers

As an extension of Breg’s enterprise product team, we worked with Breg’s test physicians to conceptualize and build a medical device app and platform, which they brought to market.

BleuBeri: Take Control of Epilepsy

We worked to help BleuBeri conceptualize an Epilepsy data management platform. We helped evaluate the user experience and ultimately developed and designed an application that helped users take back control during chaotic seizure events with hands-free documentation.

Education and Awareness

The Social Express: Social Learning Made Easy

The Language Express offers a set of programs that leverage modern technology to tech foundational, career and emotional skills to school children. Their unique researched-driven lessons allow users to interactively work through real-life scenarios. Our team has had the privilege not only to continue to be their main Managed Services Provider but also develop new innovative solutions.


Marketing and PR

MarcomCentral: Distributed Marketing Platform

MarcomCentral has marketing technology that combines digital asset management, dynamic content customization, & sales enablement into one easy-to-use platform. We helped MarcomCentral, a Ricoh, company build customized digital asset management interfaces that include several large name brands. In addition to this, we also have worked with their parent company Ricoh to provide website development services.